Trip information

What to bring

  • If you have Covid-19 you are required to isolate.  If you are a close/household contact you are required to have a Covid-19 RAT test.  Please let us know if you are affected, as we have a small guiding team and we want to protect our staff and other guests, masks cannot be worn canyoning.
  • Please bring with you a swimsuit or merino or synthetic top and shorts or leggings (not cotton) to wear under the wetsuit
  • A towel for afterwards
  • Sandfly or insect repellant can be helpful.
  • Any medication if required
  • We supply footwear (shoes get very wet)
  • Please do not bring valuables with you
  • A water sip bottle is good to have while travelling to and from the canyon.
  • All equipment is provided
  • Glasses can be worn but we advise securing with straps, contact lenses are better
  • Trips can run with higher water levels in consultation with clients, rates may vary depending on the trip and numbers
  • Digital photos and videos are available. You can pay online or at the start of your trip. Uploads via internet.  You can bring your waterproof camera or Go Pro on the trip at your own risk.  You will need to bring your own attachments. The canyon is not the place to learn how to use these devices– please make sure you know how to use your equipment before you arrive. We’ve put together some tips to help you make the most of your GoPro in the canyon here

Meeting place

Lake Wanaka i-SITE, 99 Ardmore Street, Wanaka

Have you got any questions?

Read these frequently asked ones – if you’re still not sure, phone or email us!

A swim suit and towel.

Well people have, but you need wipers… Contact lenses are fine.

We have had a number of non-swimmers and they’ve had a great time. However, we do not recommend high flow trips to non-swimmers and some trips are more suitable than others.  If you have any concerns you should call us to discuss them. We can assist a non-swimmer with an extra guide so we can actively manage our clients in the water, at an added cost of $380 per group.

Quite possibly. If you’re worried about things talk to us before you come. We enjoy taking people who are prepared to push themselves.  Remember, the more you put in, the more you get out.  Attitude is all.

Please read risk disclosure information prior to booking. 

No-one gets bored…

Our lunches contain no animals.  Let us know if you have specific requirements.

It can be, especially in October and April. On chilly days we pull out our range of ‘accessories’ – hoods, gloves etc all in tasteful rubber and it works a treat.

Probably not, attitude is all. Current age record is 76 years.

We start running trips in early Oct and run every day except Public holidays.  We continue until late April each summer season.

We have taken children as young as 10 years on our easier trips dependent on conditions, the child’s experience and support.  We suggest Dec – Feb as these are the warmer months.  Contact us directly for specific information. Minimum age for Beginner trips is 12 years, intermediate 14 years, Wai Rata and the advanced trips is 16 years.

We supply all footwear.

You are welcome to bring your own camera (at your own risk), it will need to be waterproof and it should have an attachment. We have helmets with the GoPro mount that you are more than welcome to use. Make sure that you bring additional attachments just in case the helmet is not a good fit for your head. Also, be sure to be familiar with your camera – the canyon is not a suitable environment to learn how to use your device.

Contact us directly and we will help you choose. Niger Stream and Cross Creek are most suited for beginners (12 years +), Big Nige, Robinson Creek and Wai Rata are intermediate (14 years +) and Mill Creek is an easy advanced canyon. Wilson Creek and Ore Stream are advanced, (16 years +)