Deep Canyon reviews

"Fantastic activity for me and my 14yr old daughter, our guide Felix was brilliant at letting us know what was coming and all the safety back up supporting us. His brilliant communication left us free to push our own individual limits. Loved it! Highly recommend this experience."
Wellington, New Zealand, January 2023
"What an amazing experience this was. Jumping, sliding and rappelling our way through this challenging canyon. Robin our guide was the perfect mix of supportive, encouraging and patient. If you didn't feel you were cut out for a particular jump he would simply set up the ropes nad you would abseil your way down. However, if you wanted to take the leap but needed the time and space to work up the nerve, he gave you that too. Imp Grotto is an intermediate level canyon and we loved the challenge. If you're looking for something different, perhaps more challenging or perhaps you'd like an introduction into the incredible world of canyoning then Deep Canyon have you covered. Wanaka is the perfect place to experience a canyon and with over 20 to choose from they will find the right canyon for you."
Melbourne, Australia, January 2023
"Our guide, Thomas the Austrian mountain goat, was outstanding. We had an amazing day and felt completely safe! Highly recommend. Beautiful canyon, with challenging rappels, zip lines and jumps. We’ll be back!"
December 2022
"Canyoning has been high on my bucket list and Deep Canyon's Robinson Creek trip was the perfect canyon to fulfill my dreams. Margo was our guide and I instantly felt so comfortable with her. She was fun and professional, and her calm, methodical nature helped me abseil down some incredible cliffs. I felt so comfortable with her that I always jumped when she said to jump 🙂 In terms of scenery, you can't go wrong with Robinson Creek!!"
Oregon, USA, March 2020
"This was our favorite thing we did in Wanaka. Both of our guides were good and funny. I loved the jumps. This was our first canyoneering trip and we fell in love. We later went and did some in other part of NZ and would do this one again. We love adventurous adrenaline filled activities and this on delivered. Ziplining, abseiling, cliff jumping and rock water slides! We did Big Nige which is a full day trip with lunch included of sandwiches, cookies and chips. It is $350nzd pp and this includes pictures and videos of the trip. They do a really good job of getting photos and makes it less stressful, you can just enjoy without worrying about taking pics. Recommend."
February 2020
"I was born twice. Once on July 10th 1992, and once on January 15th 2020 when I did the cross creek canyoning. This was the perfect balance of adventure, beauty and adrenaline. The scenic canyon was the most beautiful sight I saw in New Zealand and the tall jumps were the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. Robin was an outstanding guide and made us all feel very safe. I don’t recommend, I URGE you to go and definitely ask for Robin."
January 2020
"For a day in Wanaka, I deserted a bus tour of New Zealand for active senior citizens, and tried canyoning--the Niger Stream day trip, as that seemed most doable for a 67-year-old woman with no prior canyoning experience. I'm glad I did it. The canyon was beautiful, the activity scary at first, but by the end I didn't want it to be over. Since assorted body parts are less flexible and more breakable at age 67 than at 30, I rappelled (abseiled) rather than jumping or sliding down the bigger drops. The guide was patient and helpful, and other trip members were great about giving me a hand to help me out of the water. For other seniors who might consider this--you have to be fit enough to walk up a very steep hill. If I were younger, I would do it again. Still might."
March 2019
"Loved an awesome first canyoning experience thanks the the guides Akos and Margeaux. They taught me how to abseil with a lot of patience and were really nice with me. I could even abseil without safety rope by myself. Jumps and slides were amazing and this canyon is just unbelievable. Really good vibe with the guideswe were more like a group of friends since the first minutes we met. Deeply recommend it! Thank you guys!"
Papeete, French Polynesia, November 2018
“My partner and I decided last minute to do this. It was amazing from start to finish. Our guide Bryce was fantastic. A member of our group was very scared but he helped her through the day. She was so happy that she done it at the end. We done the introductory trek, which had high abseiling and a choice of different height jumps. I would recommend this company! It is good value for your money. You get an entire day trip”
January 2017
“We waited our entire trip/honeymoon for this experience! It was so worth it! Will def be back next time in NZ!”
Tracy and Eric
New York, USA, 2016
"Small groups, multiple trip types, show you how to abseil and you can do it yourself. Lots of jumps and slides and ziplines. Fantastic lunch too - beautiful area to go to."
March 2012