Deep Canyon, Lake Wanaka, NZ

Deep Canyon canyoning adventures are a journey unlike any other. Get in touch with a special natural world and see beauty you’ve only dreamed of. From the raw power of strong waterfalls to the tranquility of deep, forested pools, from sculptural rockscapes to glowing green moss droplets, you will be immersed in a world you never knew existed.

And talk about fun! Challenge yourself in ways you’ve never imagined. Plunge down water polished chutes and abseil down waterfalls. Jump off cliffs! Climb, swim and float through an amazing world of water- sculpted rock, deep clear pools and spectacular waterfalls.

We specialise in hands-on trips with a high level of personal satisfaction and our focus is strongly on good humour!

Amazing places, interesting challenges, friendly people and Great Big Fun!
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Deep Canyon abseil

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Deep Canyon - Robinson Creek Canyon

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Deep Canyon - Big Nige 1st abseil

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About Deep Canyon…

Deep Canyon, Wanaka is New Zealand’s premier canyon guiding company. We have been running canyon descents since 1994, the first in the country to do so. This season we look forward to our 24th anniversary. Our guides are very experienced and easy to get on with, not to mention super-keen!

Our equipment and procedures are of the highest standard and our commitment to safety is absolute. This allows us to run maximum adventure/maximum fun trips in wild and fantastic situations. Our focus is strongly on personal satisfaction and good humour.

Our guides are certified under the NZOIA* Canyon qualification framework [some guides may have further overseas based qualifications].  This is a New Zealand specific programme and Deep Canyon is actively involved in setting the standards for, and assessing on, the programme.

Most of our guides are also qualified and experienced in other related outdoor activities. For this 2017/2018 season we have six great guides whose experience totals around 45 years of guiding and all of us get out there on our own adventures whenever we can!

Season Conditions April 2018

April has hit and autumn is upon us, with the leaves are turning shades of gold and red. The weather has been a little up and down with intermittent rain in both the Haast Pass and Wanaka canyons but we are stoked to pack as much action as possible into this last month of our canyoning season. As we get further into April, some trips may be limited pending temperatures and guide availability. With shorter daylight hours, we will be departing in the morning only. If you’ve been holding yourself back, now is the time to jump into Big Nige or even the Leaping Burn! Our ever popular Niger Stream trip is quickly filling up for the month, and we’re running trips into Cross Creek, Imp Grotto, and Robinson’s Creek for as long as weather allows. Check in with us about options and conditions, and let’s get out there!


*New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association

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