Season Conditions February 2018

January flew past and now it’s February already! We’re having heaps of fun in the canyons as water levels are in the Get Into It canyons like Niger Stream, Cross Creek, and Imp Grotto are low, meaning that a lot more adventurous canyoners can step it up in Big Nige, Robinson Creek and Mill Creek.


Now that the brief bout of wild weather from Tropical Cyclone Fehi has passed, the Leaping Burn, Leaping Burn Max, and Wilson Creek are calling! We’ve had some amazing days exploring those canyons. And don’t forget the Wai-Rata Heli trip. This epic day of helicoptering in, canyoning all day through one of our longest and wildest canyons, and jet boating out at the end is THE way to top of your summer adventure. Time to jump in! As always, you can check in with us closer to your canyoning date for the latest conditions and to determine whether any high flow rates apply. Let’s go!