« Lived an awesome first canyoning experience thanks the the guides Akos and Margeaux. They taught me how to abseil with a lot of patience and were really nice with me. I could even abseil without safety rope by myself. Jumps and slides were amazing and this canyon is just unbelievable. Really good vibe with the « guides », we were more like a group of friends since the first minutes we met. Deeply recommend it! Thank you guys! »

Nico, Papeete, 21.11.2018

« Amazing adventure with highly skilled staff! We wanted to do some canyoning in New Zealand and were aware that the region of Wanaka was very good for that. It was a (heavy) rainy day and the water was raising but the guys Deep Canyon managed the trip amazingly, we felt safe at all time. Pure Adrenaline. Pure Fun. Super pro staff. If I ever go back to NZ I would go for a ride with them again!!!

Juan, Spain, 10.09.2018

« Great fun for small groups and couples! They took my wife and I out despite us being the only two people booked for the trip. Water was cold, but gear was great so it was no problem. Met all expectations and then some and got some great pictures to remember one of the biggest highlights of our trip! »

Ben, Canada, 14.04.2018

« Incredible experience – We will be back! My partner and I were in NZ and wanted to try something new. Neither of us had done anything like this before, so we wanted to give it a try. We absolutely loved this experience! Owen and Sarah taught us the ropes (including how to abseil) and how to safely get down the canyon. Albeit, we did the easiest canyon, but it was still a lot of fun and took a lot of focus. We would highly recommend this if you want to try something Out of the Ordinary »

Angie, Chicago, 05.04.2018

« Unforgettable Experience! It’s not a particular cheap activity but it definitely worth every penny. I tried the full day Niger stream. Definitely recommend doing full day instead of half as you will just wanna stay longer. Jeremy and Sara are fantastic guide. Sliding down waterfall and abseiling definitely are the highlights of my whole trip down at the South Island.

Alie, Hong Kong, 02.04.2018

Awesome experience! Once you endure the steep climb, you are in for a thrilling experience rappelling, sliding, jumping, scrambling and zipping… prepare to get wet although the wetsuits do a good job keeping you warm. Guides were excellent. Have them take your pictures because it is difficult to capture this yourself. Our only disappointment was that additional trips weren’t available during the time we were there as we were hoping to do 2-3 different trips. Great fun – you’ll earn the lunch provided.

Peter, Michigan, 17.03.2018

Leaping Burn Max! Did the Leaping Burn Max trip, the most technical/advanced according to the guide. A very beautiful canyon, the guide Owen was great and I had an awesome day! This was my third trip with Deep Canyon and they are always very professional. AND they don’t charge you ridiculous money to get photos from the trip as many other adventure companies do, a great plus according to me! If I ever get back to Wanaka I will do the Wilson Creek trip which, according to the guide, is the most beautiful trip. 
Mattia, Sweden, 22.02.2018

Exceptional guides & beautiful trip! Did the Leaping Burn. Amazing nature & canyon. 3 in the group. 15m jumps, climbing with 70m drops below. Very much non-touristy guide. Treat you like a climber, gives you responsibility instead of some tour guide doing everything for you and it being no challenge or fun at all. Absolutely worth the drive going to Deep canyon over more touristy trips in Queenstown. Great experience if you are looking for real adventure.

Joachim, 13.01.2018

« My partner and I decided last minute to do this. It was amazing from start to finish. Our guide Bryce was fantastic. A member of our group was very scared but he helped her through the day. She was so happy that she done it at the end. We done the introductory trek, which had high abseiling and a choice of different height jumps. I would recommend this company! It is good value for your money. You get an entire day trip »

Vicki, 06.01.2017

“We waited our entire trip/honeymoon for this experience! It was so worth it! Will def be back next time in NZ! »
Tracy and Eric, NYC, 2016